Job title: Maintenance Worker
Job type: Temp-To-Perm
Emp type: Full-time
Pay interval: Hourly
Pay rate: Negotiable
Location: Groves,TX
Job published: 03/26/2020
Job ID: 32170
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Job Description


Job Title

Maintenance Worker


City: Groves
State: TX


Job Description


Maintains the overall appearance of cemetery, mausoleum and/or funeral home locations, which may include: maintenance and grounds keeping, locating grave sites, digging graves, installing crypt faces, conducting interments, entombments and inurnments, and simple repairs and maintenance tasks.

Depending on the location to which the associate is assigned, individual responsibilities may include some, or all, of the following activities: grounds keeping, interment/memorialization, facilities cleaning/maintenance.


•Cuts grass, maintains lawn, trims around trees, walkways and memorial markers, lays sod, moves and removes flowers to and from chapel and graveside.

•Clears debris and maintains drives and walkways in safe condition. May require snow removal depending on location.

•Prepares minor repairs to grave markers.

•Erects tents / canopies and arranges chairs for graveside ceremony.

•Prepares crypts for entombments.

•Installs grave markers, bronze memorials, crypt faces, etc.

•Maintains and repairs existing markers and other cemetery features.

•Assists with setup for openings and closings for interments, entombments and inurnments.

•Under supervision, may operate backhoe to dig graves without damage to surrounding vaults, markers or monuments.

•Operates equipment in a safe and careful manner to avoid damage to cemetery property.

•Maintains, services, cleans and properly stores equipment.

•General maintenance of facilities and vehicles.

•Cleans and maintains facility to include performing minor repairs, painting, etc.

•Arranges chapel for services.

•Washing and cleaning all funeral home vehicles as required from time to time.

•May assists in loading and unloading of caskets.

•May assist in moving and installing vaults.

•Observe safety rules and ensure compliance with the operating procedures of corporate, federal, state and local regulations, including OSHA regulations and Safety and Environmental guidelines.

•Performs other duties as assigned

Requirements & Qualifications

•High school education or GED equivalent or relevant work experience

•Minimum 6 months of relevant experience

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

Ability to operate hand-held tools and equipment, including, but not limited to a shovel, pick, rake, sledge hammer, lawn mower, weed trimmer and leaf blower

•Ability to accurately use measuring devices (i.e. tape measure, yard stick, etc.)

•Ability to communicate effectively with fellow associates, contractor personnel and client families

•Ability to operate equipment in a safe and careful manner

•Ability to effectively work with others to accomplish tasks

•Ability to operate equipment in a safe and careful manner

•Ability to be adaptable to changing work schedules and multi-tasking

•Ability to work in extreme weather conditions

•Basic computer skills to enable retrieving and responding to email communications

•Ability to walk and stand for long periods of time

•Ability to lift up to 150 with equipment assistance

•Ability to push and pull up to 300 lbs.

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Operate a backhoe, tractor, mini excavator, and other heavy equipment.