Job title: Electrical Data Collection Technician
Job type: Temporary
Emp type: Full-time
Location: Mayport Naval Station, Jacksonville, FL 32227, USA
  • journeyman
  • data collection
  • classify equipment
  • maintain daily reports
Pay interval: Hourly
Pay rate from: USD $35.00
Pay rate to: USD $35.00
Job published: 09/10/2019
Job ID: 32090
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Job Description

Position: Electrical Data Collection Technician
Project: Naval Station Mayport – Electric Utility Study

The electricians shall be licensed and experienced with electrical equipment and systems rated up to 26kV.

Location: Mayport, Fl (Jacksonville, FL Metro Area)

Pay Rate: $35/HR

The Naval Station (NS) Mayport electrical utility system consists of a combination of overhead and underground distribution. A variety of electrical equipment installations can be found including pad-mounted outdoor equipment, pole-mounted overhead equipment, and indoor equipment. Equipment voltages range from 26 kV to 480 V.

Job Description

  • EPSI associate should have journey level experience in utilities high voltage electrical distribution systems to complete the Utility Inventory Risk Assessment electrical assignments or data collection.
  • EPSI associate will be available at least 40 hours per week, up to 10 hours per day, and work an alternate schedule that may include weekends.
  • Personal Protection Equipment: EPSI Associate should expect to work around energized equipment while collecting data and it is required that you have your own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • The PPE required shall include Arc Rated long sleeve shirts and coveralls of a minimum of 8 Calorie/cm2. Additional PPE to be determined. (For complete listing; Reference UFC-3-560-01 change 4, chapter 4, 4-4.1.1 and 4-4.1.2).
  • Assist with opening electrical equipment and establishing an electrically safe work environment for the data collection activities. Ensure that the elements of safety are being adhered to by the project team.
  • Collect the necessary data for the analysis, verify the existing conditions of the system, confirm the accuracy of the information provided, and confirm the electrical distribution system’s configuration. This will include equipment inspections needed to determine cable sizes and lengths, protective device sizes and characteristics, transformer sizes and impedances, motor sizes and types, and/or other information necessary to complete an accurate analysis.

  • Maintain a project file containing all project records, photos, field notes and deliver this file to the client upon completion of the workday.

  • Other duties as assigned.


Phase 1: September 30 thru October 18, 2019

Phase 2: November 4 thru November 15, 2019